Looking for a FREE Art Appraisal or Want to Sell a Unique Piece of Art?

Art Brokerage Services by Gary Dinnowitz

Frederick Judd Waugh Oil Painting of the Sea

NEAA LogoNeed a FREE art appraisal? Here's how to get one.

I will appraise your art for FREE, using databases from auction houses gathered over the last 20 years.  Please email the following information to gary@freeartappraiser.com

1. The name of the artist

2. The size of the piece (Please do not include the frame in the size)

3. Photos of your  picture

- The front of the picture
- The back of the picture
- And any signatures or labels on the piece

4.Your telephone number. I will get the appraisal information back to you within 24 hours or less, but usually within a couple of hours.

I do this as a second job and I love art and get to see all types this way. I make my money selling it to my clients, and I sell a lot, over a million a year.
I will provide you with the same data the dealers use, for FREE!
Don’t let them have the upper hand on you, knowledge is power.

I only charge for a written appraisal of your artwork. You would only need this if you are going to insure your art or to help in settling an estate. To do this I must actually see the high resolution photos of the piece, examine and document before I can give a written appraisal. l would only advise getting a written appraisal if your artwork has significant value, such as over $5000.00.

In general, yes!  I have a large group of clients with OVER $10,000,000 to spend on art. Not every piece of art is suitable, but let's talk and find out if yours is!

Unfortunately, at this time, I do not help artists value their art or sell their paintings.

Interested In Selling Your Art?

Paintings • High End Prints • Sculpture
Modern Art • Pop Art

I buy all over the nation and have a large group of clients with OVER $10,000,000 to spend on art! Most pieces are sold in 24-48 hours!

My clients do not buy at auction, and ONLY buy pieces that have not been exposed or shopped around. I have sold pieces for over $100,000 and am currently negotiating a couple of million dollar pieces. My buyers are from all over the U.S. and parts of Europe, and are serious purchasers.

Unfortunately, at this time, I do not help artists value their art or sell their paintings.

I do not pressure people to sell me art, I actively buy art, but I do not make a living by it, you are free to sell to whomever you want. I have an active roster of clients who will purchase, or you can find one on your own, sell to a dealer or try the auction route. I would not suggest Ebay, unless piece has little value.

Learn more information about the different ways to sell your art. 

Anything from a cruise line, sold in a hotel lobby. from TV auction (such as Global Fine Art) or by the artists listed below, as they have little resale value and are best sold on ebay.

  • Peter Max
  • Brito
  • Leroy Neiman Prints
  • Blue Dog
  • Thomas Kinkade
  • Wyland
  • Erte Prints
  • Dali Prints
  • Lee Reynolds
  • Anything from Park West Gallery.

Meet Gary Dinnowitz

My main business is High School Counselor Marketing, a successful marketing company, that I started over 25 years ago and that links colleges and high school counselors together.

I have been buying, selling and appraising art for over 20 years. I provide this service FREE and only make money if I sell a piece to one of my clients.

I charge 10% to the buyer, there is no fee to the seller. I do this to fund my art addiction, there is no risk and you do not have to take advantage of my ability to sell your artwork to get a free appraisal.